Powerful Touch Screen Monitors

Businesses everywhere are realizing the potential that Tech Global brings to their employees with intuitive touch technologies. Not only are Tech Global products built with the best hardware components, they are also designed to work seamlessly with existing IT technologies.

Touch Screen Monitor



Industrial components are used to extend durability and longevity.

Transform Your


Touch technologies your employees love and use daily.

Works Seamlessly

Cross Platform

Windows / Mac / Linux / Virtualization fully compatible.


Made Easy

Just plug & play, and you are ready to go.

Interested how our performance touch screen monitors can revolutionize your business?

  1. TG-with-anti
  2. TG-no-anti

Anti-Fatigue Technology

New embedded anti-glare technology that helps reduce eye strain in stressful work environments.

Oleophobic Nano-Coating

We’ve further raised the bar with our new antimicrobial nanotechnology that repels germs and fingerprint smudges for a better and safer work environment.

Splash-Proof Design

Never have to worry about surface contaminants as Tech Global’s evolution series utilize fully sealed glass that is IP rated. In the event you have water or other surface containment, our screens keep working without you having to wipe the screen.

Specifically Tailored For Your Industry

Select your market to discover our touch solutions for your specific needs.